Rogue transmog - Demonic

I stumbled upon Shadowángel by accident, an accommodating rogue whose gear I will feature in this post. I spotted him in Dalaran, showing off his Netherblade gear and Warglaives, and he easily stood out in the crowd with his TBC-inspired gear. Shadowángel let me take a few screenshots of him, and showed me some of his outfits (I think the Netherblade-combination to the right is my favourite).

We discussed the fact that you can't transmog to legendary items such as the [Warglaives of Azzinoth] he's wielding. While I think they would be nice transmog items, he explained to me that he thinks it is a good thing they aren't transmoggable because they will remain more exlcusive this way. He also proved that he could still do 50k dps on Madness of Deathwing in LFR with these level 70 swords. Impressive!

As you already might have figured out, the t4 Netherblade gear shown above is only available for rogues. Shadowángel did however show me some other outfits that are more easily accessibile for other classes. Down below are some screenshots of his current red and black leather gear, where all the clothing is available for druids as well as rogues, except from the rogue tier 2 shoulders.

The sets below include the following:
[Cursed Vision of Sargeras], Head
[Bloodfang Spaulders], Shoulders
[Wolf Rider's Padded Amor], Chest
[Embossed Leather Gloves], Gloves
[Bladeshadow Wristguards], Wrists
[Dark leather Belt], Waist
[Warbear Woolies], Legs
[Prospector's Boots], Feet
Left picture: [Warglaive of Azzinoth], Main hand Sword
Left picture: [Warglaive of Azzinoth], Off hand Sword
Right picture: [The Night Blade], One-hand Dagger
Right picture: [Searing Sunblade], Off hand Dagger

These beautiful red/black and yellow daggers hide enchants. The red/black dagger, [The Night Blade], is probably the item on the list that would take the longest to farm, though.

And yes. Yes, I do think most outfits suit female models better.


  1. Anonymous15/3/12 18:28

    What a nice rogue, I wish mine had a good looking outfit like that :- )

    Looking forward to upcoming nice transmog-sets!


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