Shaman transmog - Spiritbound

Shaman transmog - take two.

After my friend Mebriel respectfully had turned down the last transmog I presented to him, this is what I came up with. I think this look suited his taste better, since he wanted something more "shaman-ish" as well as something that didn't look as organized. There were plently of items with a shaman-feel to them, especially alot of items that looks good on trolls, and these shoulders caught my attention. I still don't think Mebriel was quite pleased and he will probably keep his outfit the way it is, but I decided I'd at least post this transmog here.

[Steadfast Coronet], Head
[Spiritbinder Spaulders], Shoulders
[Darkmoon Chain Shirt], Chest
[Sporebeard Gauntlets], Gloves
[Nazferiti Belt], Waist
[Kilt of Dark Mercy], Legs
[Fiend Slayer Boots], Feet
[Insanity's Grip], Fist Weapon, Main Hand

This outfit is available for all mail classes.


Shaman transmog - Garments of flame

My friend Mebriel asked me to find a set for his newly dinged enhancement shaman. I hadn't played around alot with mail sets before, so I accepted the challenge and quickly fell in love with the Battleforge set, and decided to make an outfit based on it. This is what I came up with - and he didn't like it at all. Just as well I guess, since I reckon it's hard to come by. Many pieces are rare drops that would cost a fortune on AH, and another friend of mine says it looks too skimpy (have you not seen the outfits in Tera?!). Now I'm off to find a new set for my friend to wear. :)

[Crown of Flame], Head
[Cataclysm Shoulderguards], Shoulders
[Engraved Breastplate], Chest
[Battleforge Gauntlets], Gloves
[Engraved Girdle], Waist
[Battleforge Legguards], Legs
[Khan's Greaves], Feet
[Claw of Molten Fury], Fist Weapon, Main Hand


Other inspirational sources

I have seen alot of people transmogging their characters into entire sets, for example a tier set. That is always nice of course if you want to reminisce about the good old TBC or Vanilla times. I, however, prefer mixing tier gear with PvP gear or even greens and blues to achieve a more unique look. But it's hard to find matching sets without the right tools, so I thought I would make a compilation of websites that would be helpful in the search of the perfect transmog.

Addons are perfect for browsing gear in game, but if you want to check out some gear without launching the game client, there are alot of useful websites as well.

  • MogIt - An AMAZING addon that I just recently downloaded. You can preview an extensive range of items and put together sets with this addon, and alot of the screenshots I upload to my blog are previewed with this addon.
  • AtlasLoot - The addon I've primarily been using while creating my transmog sets. It is a very useful addon, but a bit flawed when it comes to creating outfits since it doesn't include alot of greens or blues.
  • World of Wardrobes - A great website where you can browse gear in different categories, based on armor type or colour.
  • WoW Roleplay Gear - Lists alot of sets available for the different armor types.
  • MogMyGear - A very clearly structured website where you can preview different green, blue, epic and heirloom sets depending on which class or race you pick.
  • Icy Veins - Allows you to browse items, categorized either by armor type or item model.
  • Disenchanting Azeroth - A blog full of reviews on weapons and weapon designs.
  • WoW Tabards - Not everyone uses tabards, but they can do wonders for some transmogs. This site shows all the tabards available in game and where you get them.


Rogue transmog - Demonic

I stumbled upon Shadowángel by accident, an accommodating rogue whose gear I will feature in this post. I spotted him in Dalaran, showing off his Netherblade gear and Warglaives, and he easily stood out in the crowd with his TBC-inspired gear. Shadowángel let me take a few screenshots of him, and showed me some of his outfits (I think the Netherblade-combination to the right is my favourite).

We discussed the fact that you can't transmog to legendary items such as the [Warglaives of Azzinoth] he's wielding. While I think they would be nice transmog items, he explained to me that he thinks it is a good thing they aren't transmoggable because they will remain more exlcusive this way. He also proved that he could still do 50k dps on Madness of Deathwing in LFR with these level 70 swords. Impressive!

As you already might have figured out, the t4 Netherblade gear shown above is only available for rogues. Shadowángel did however show me some other outfits that are more easily accessibile for other classes. Down below are some screenshots of his current red and black leather gear, where all the clothing is available for druids as well as rogues, except from the rogue tier 2 shoulders.

The sets below include the following:
[Cursed Vision of Sargeras], Head
[Bloodfang Spaulders], Shoulders
[Wolf Rider's Padded Amor], Chest
[Embossed Leather Gloves], Gloves
[Bladeshadow Wristguards], Wrists
[Dark leather Belt], Waist
[Warbear Woolies], Legs
[Prospector's Boots], Feet
Left picture: [Warglaive of Azzinoth], Main hand Sword
Left picture: [Warglaive of Azzinoth], Off hand Sword
Right picture: [The Night Blade], One-hand Dagger
Right picture: [Searing Sunblade], Off hand Dagger

These beautiful red/black and yellow daggers hide enchants. The red/black dagger, [The Night Blade], is probably the item on the list that would take the longest to farm, though.

And yes. Yes, I do think most outfits suit female models better.


Druid transmog - Blessing of Elune

This look is probably my favourite of all transmog sets so far, featuring the [Valorous Nightsong Spaulders] (why do druids get all the nice gear?) from the druid tier 8. I put this set together for my friend and helped him farm it, and I think his night elf druid Illthiá looks awesome in it!

This set is mainly a mix of druid tier pieces; the chest, legs and shoes are from the t2 Stormrage set, while the head, shoulders and gloves are parts from the t8 Valorous Nightsong set. A brown belt and a green or white haircut makes this outfit complete. My weapon of choice would be the [Draenic Wildstaff], but since my friend had a dagger equipped we went with a matching PvP-dagger and one of the off-hands available for purchase from the Justice point vendors.

[Valorous Nightsong Cover], Head
[Valorous Nightsong Spaulders], Shoulders
[Stormrage Chestguard], Chest
[Valorous Nightsong Gloves], Gloves
[Expedition Girdle], Waist
[Stormrage Legguards], Legs
[Stormrage Boots], Feet
[Brutal Gladiator's Shanker], One-hand Dagger
[Apple-Bent Bough], Off-hand
[Mending], Weapon enchant


Forget all about Landslide

I recently found out that some weapons hide the enchants and only show the glow that comes with the weapon. Transmogging to these weapons will hide the enchants as well. This means that you don't have to watch your weapon drip mud due to the [Landslide]-enchant anymore!

I stumbled upon a thread on the WoW-forums, where a rogue called Töki has created an excellent list of weapons that hide enchants. Töki has categorized them by colour, which is perfect for those looking for a good transmog replacement. The list can be found in the European forums, right here.


Priest transmog - Holy waters

I will start by showing off the transmog I used to have on my priest Linnéa (as seen in the pictures). It is a strict cloth set, with a mix of priest t7 och t11 and consist of the following: 

[Valorous Crown of Faith], Head
[Valorous Shoulderpads of Faith], Shoulders
[Mercurial Robes], Chest
[Mercurial Handwraps], Gloves
[Sash of the Parlor], Waist
[Mallet of the Tides], One-hand Mace
[Mystic Tome], Off-hand
[Heartsong], Weapon enchant

Plus a blue haircut!

Blue is my favourite colour, so naturally I loved this one! I hated the belt that went with the t11 set ([Cord of the Raven Queen]), and I never got my hands on the bulky t11 shoulders ([Mercurial Shoulderwraps]), but the t7 belt and shoulders matches almost perfectly, as well as the nice halo.

The t7 pieces (head, chest, shoulders) drop in Naxxramas, 25 man and the t11 pieces (the Mercurial gear) can be bought for Justice points in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. The mace drops in Serpentshrine Cavern, and the off-hand can be created by inscriptors (or bought off the AH).

If you have any questions (or critique!) about the look, leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can~ 


Hi, and welcome to Forever Level 1, a blog dedicated to World of Warcraft fashion and transmogrification.

Since this is my very first blog entry I thought I would introduce myself. I'm called Ea and I've been playing World of Warcraft regularly since the middle of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, though I had tried playing it for short periods of time since Vanilla. Back in Vanilla I didn't know much about gear and stats so I would just put on anything that matched, such as cloth gear meant for level 5 on my level 20 druid. Needless to say, it took a while (and alot of kiting) to kill my enemies.

Today I have better gear and more experience. Since WotLK I have been maining my holy priest and now I also have a protection paladin as my alt. I was thrilled when Blizzard anounced that they would release transmog - this meant I could wear almost any gear that I wanted again. And here I am - pleased enough with my gear that I've made a blog about it!

In this blog I will feature my favourite transmogs (my own as well as other), items, and websites that provide good transmog tips.

I hope you enjoy your stay!