Druid transmog - Blessing of Elune

This look is probably my favourite of all transmog sets so far, featuring the [Valorous Nightsong Spaulders] (why do druids get all the nice gear?) from the druid tier 8. I put this set together for my friend and helped him farm it, and I think his night elf druid IllthiĆ” looks awesome in it!

This set is mainly a mix of druid tier pieces; the chest, legs and shoes are from the t2 Stormrage set, while the head, shoulders and gloves are parts from the t8 Valorous Nightsong set. A brown belt and a green or white haircut makes this outfit complete. My weapon of choice would be the [Draenic Wildstaff], but since my friend had a dagger equipped we went with a matching PvP-dagger and one of the off-hands available for purchase from the Justice point vendors.

[Valorous Nightsong Cover], Head
[Valorous Nightsong Spaulders], Shoulders
[Stormrage Chestguard], Chest
[Valorous Nightsong Gloves], Gloves
[Expedition Girdle], Waist
[Stormrage Legguards], Legs
[Stormrage Boots], Feet
[Brutal Gladiator's Shanker], One-hand Dagger
[Apple-Bent Bough], Off-hand
[Mending], Weapon enchant


  1. Anonymous16/3/12 18:32

    Sexiest druid-outfit EVER.


  2. Awesome !

  3. For one-hand weapon I`d choose the [Scepter of Azshara] (wowhead.com/item=72833). I am not sure, but... does this mace match any druid`s clothing?! :) Also, the [Kri`tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm]`s colours (normal, wowhead.com/item=86227) are pretty good for this set.

    As to staves, the [Giorgio's Caduceus of Pure Moods] (LFR, wowhead.com/item=95720) looks nice and should complete the set (feathers, feathers, feathers everywhere!! ^^).

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English :c