Monk transmog - Armor of crimson steel

[Red Crane Crown] (heroic), Head
[Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer], Shoulders
[Burnt Leather Vest], Chest
[Red Crane Gauntlets] (heroic), Hands
[Shadow-Walker's Cord], Waist
[Legwraps of the Broken Beast] (horde), Legs
[Prospector's Boots], Feet
[Crimson Steel], One-hand Fist weapon (left and middle)
[Demonblood Eviscerator], One-hand Fist weapon (right)
[Orgrimmar Doublet] (horde), Shirt
I felt inspired to put yet another monk transmog together today. I used the Red Crane-set as a base this time too, but the heroic version this time. This was intended for brewmaster monks, but any monk can use it for their transmog, of course, as long as they are horde. As you can see in the list to the left, some of the items are horde only.

Happy New Years!


Monk transmog - The guiding herbalist

[Red Crane Mantle] (raid finder), Shoulder
[Decaying Herbalist's Robes], Chest
[Gloves of the Silver Assassin], Hands (alliance only, left picture)
[Imbued Pioneer Gloves], Hands (bottom picture)
[Luminescent Bracers], Wrists (bottom picture)
[Dreadful Gladiator's Waistband of Accuracy], Waist
[Trickster's Boots], Feet
[Guiding Star], Main-hand mace
[Aran's Soothing Sapphire], Off-hand (left picture)
[Evergreen Branch], Off-hand (bottom picture)

I just got the urge to create a new monk transmog. This time I tried to make it fit for a mistweaver monk. Blue is my favourite colour and I love the colour on this mace from Ulduar.

The gloves in the left picture are for alliance only, while the gloves and wrists in the bottom picture are available for both classes. Good luck!