Trial Paladin Transmog - This girl is on fiiiree!

Be aware: this transmog mainly consists of mail pieces and Paladin heirlooms. Therefore it is not wearable by max level Paladins (unless they for some reason would wear mail instead of plate). The tabard was bought for my f2p Paladin Sikvah before the 6.0.2 patch; however, it is not possible to get it at level 20 anymore.

[Burnished Pauldrons of Might], Shoulders
[Flameseared Carapace], Chest
[Flarecrazed Cloak], Cloak
[Raider's Bracers], Wrists
[Imbued Infantry Gauntlets], Hands
[Runed Copper Belt], Waist
[Infantry Leggings], Legs
[Raider's Boots], Feet
[Solomon's Gavel], One-hand mace
[Commander's Crest], Shield
[Minor Striking], Enchant (red)
[White Linen Shirt], Shirt
[Tabard of the Argent Crusade], Tabard