Mage transmog - Burning magic 2.0

Sunlitfury and I became friends after a few weeks of guild raiding. I can only imagine what it would be like having me as a friend; one of the first things I said to him was that we HAVE to get him a proper transmog. When I first met him he was wearing gear from different tiers and mixed raid finder, normal and heroic gear, so I offered to help him out. He plays as a fire mage and wanted a flame-inspired gear so I suggested the mage transmog I previously uploaded called Burning magic. I gave him a few alternatives, including this one that I'm now uploading, which resembles my original Burning magic transmog but with different belt, robe, gloves and shoes. He bought the [Spire of Scarlet Pain] from me but unfortunately it doesn't hide weapon enchants, so half the time it has a purple glow. It's still a cool transmog for a fire mage though, and Sunlit looks amazing in it!

[Circle of Flame], Head
[Mantle of the Elven Kings], Shoulders
[Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation], Chest
[Gossamer Gloves], Hands
[Mage-Fury Girdle], Waist
[Extravagant Boots of Malice], Feet
[Spire of Scarlet Pain], Staff
[Power Torrent], Weapon enchant

This transmog is available for any cloth class.


Druid transmog - Ferocious hoperender

I'm sure many of you would agree with me when I say that my last druid transmog resembles a restoration druid rather than a feral druid, so I thought it was time I created something for all the cute cats and bears out there. I went with the [Relentless Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders] as a base for this, because I thought they felt... feral-ish. I ended up with two similar sets, and this is how they turned out!

[Headguard of Solace], Head
[Relentless Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders], Shoulders
[Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul], Chest
[Relentless Gladiator's Kodohide Gloves], Hands
[Vermillion Belt], Waist
[Leggings of the Broken Beast], Legs (alliance)
[Boots of the Neverending Path], Feet
[Hoperender], Polearm
[Ruthless Gladiator's Dragonhide Helm], Head
[Relentless Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders], Shoulders
[Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul], Chest
[Relentless Gladiator's Kodohide Gloves], Hands
[Cord of Dark Suffering], Waist
[Cinderweb Leggings], Legs
[Boots of the Neverending Path], Feet
[Irontree Spear], Polearm


Warrior transmog - Colossal gnome

I here have two slightly different warrior outfits that show one of my favourite plate helms, the Heroic tier helm for Warriors from Dragon Soul. The mace in the second transmog hides the glow effect from enchants.

[Colossal Dragonplate Helmet] (hc), Head
[Pauldrons of Conviction], Shoulders
[Chestplate of the Risen Soldier], Chest
[Colossal Dragonplate Gauntlets] (hc), Hands
[Ruthless Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess], Waist
[Legguard of the Apostle], Legs
[Stillheart Warboots] (hc), Feet
[Ethereum Nexus-Reaver], Axe, Two-hand

[Colossal Dragonplate Helmet] (hc), Head
[Pauldrons of Conviction], Shoulders
[Hydralick Armor], Chest
[Colossal Dragonplate Gauntlets] (hc), Hands
[Ruthless Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess], Waist
[Legguard of the Apostle], Legs
[Stillheart Warboots] (hc), Feet
[The Essence Focuser], Mace, Main hand
[Shard of Torment] (hc), Shield


Paladin transmog - Judgemental

It has not escaped me that the Judgement-set is extremely popular with paladins. While I like the colours on this set, I have never been a fan of robes on paladins, and I think the head looks really strange. My set is based on the Judgement set, using three parts from it, but I switched out the pieces that I disliked. I'm happy that I got a chance to use this sword for one of my transmogs. I really like how it looks and I've seen it drop soo many times, but I haven't had a good transmog to pair it up with up until now. The [Exalted Harness] also works very well as a chest for this, and I recommend using it if you're looking for a transmog that shows more skin... and if you're not a tauren.

[Judgement Spaulders], Shoulders
[Judgement Breastplate], Chest
[Replica Lightforge Bracers], Wrists
[Judgement Gauntlets], Hands
[Replica Lightforge Belt], Waist
[Enchanted Thorium Leggings], Legs
[Magma Tempered Boots], Feet
[Zoid's Firelit Greatsword], Sword, Two-hand


Rogue transmog - Warp-raiding assassin

It hit me that I only had one rogue transmog in my blog so far; one that I actually didn't make myself. So I decided to put something together, and let a level 1 goblin toon show it off. :] I thought his beard was so cute, I just had to upload the above close-up <3 It is moments like these that make me think World of Warcraft is a beautiful game.

Once again I mixed some random pieces from rogue tier and pvp gear with leather quest rewards, and I think I managed to match them pretty well for not using many set pieces. I present to you my newest creation: a brownish-orange, yellow and green rogue!

[Warp-Raider's Eyepatch], Head
[Shoulderpads of Vehemence], Shoulders
[Wrathful Gladiator's Leather Tunic], Chest
[Marshseeker Gloves], Hands
[Titan-Forged Belt of Triumph], Waist
[Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings], Legs
[Slayer's Boots], Feet
[Darkmoon Dirk], Dagger, One-hand (off hand)
[Namlak's Supernumerary Sticker], Dagger, One-hand (main hand)


Paladin transmog - Selling stones

Let me introduce you to Stensäljarn, a paladin that I spotted while idling in Dalaran. After I had admired his gear for a while I whispered him and asked if I could promote him in my blog.

[Mask of Penance], Head
[Doomplate Shoulderguards], Shoulders
[Syrannis' Mystic Sheen], Cloak
[Vicious Ornate Pyrium Breastplate], Chest
[Stylish Black Shirt], Shirt
[Sporeggar Tabard], Tabard
[Vicious Ornate Pyrium Gauntlets], Gloves
[Vicious Ornate Pyrium Belt], Waist
[Vicious Ornate Pyrium Legguards], Legs
[Vicious Ornate Pyrium Boots], Feet
[Hungering Bone Gudgel], Mace, One-hand
[Brutal Gladiator's Shield Wall], Shield
[Windwalk], Weapon Enchant
[Darkmoon Dancing Bear], Mount

This guy has one of the best matching transmog-sets I've seen so far; good transmog sets like these make me happy :') He was kind enough to let me take print screens of him and feature him on my blog. Stensäljarn has combined the Blacksmithing Vicious Ornate Pyrium set with green and purple details on other items, such as his tabard, cloak and shield, which gives give the outfit a complete look. He even made sure his mount matches his gear. Well done!

This transmog is available for all plate classes.


Hunter transmog - Cataclysmic sagittarius

Finally, a hunter transmog! Now I have uploaded at least one of each class ^-^

Hunter has so far been the hardest class to create a good outfit for. As you might have noticed by looking at my transmogs, I like bright colours, and it seems like hunters mostly have dark, greyish brown gear.

I am not crazy about this outfit myself, but so far it will have to do (the lack of hunter transmogs in my blog was starting to bug me...). When I put this set together I started out by picking a bow that I liked and ended up with the [Ironfeather Longbow], which is a quest reward in Well of Eternity. The rest of the items are a mix of boss drops, quest rewards and crafting items. The shoulders can only be crafted with leatherworking and they bind when picked up, and therefore only leatherworkers can achieve this transmog.

[Vapor-Proof Headcover], Head
[Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes], Shoulders
[Cataclysmic Gladiator's Chain Armor], Chest
[Finder's Keepers], Hands
[Chillsteel Girdle], Waist
[Cataclysmic Gladiator's Chain Leggings], Legs
[Den Whomper Boots], Feet
[Ironfeather Longbow], Bow


Warlock transmog - Venomous nemesis

This robe dropped for me when I did Blackwing Lair today: the tier 2 Warlock robe. I immediately fell in love with it - it has everything a warlock needs - and decided to make an outfit around it. While browsing MogIt I encountered [Staff of Beasts], which looks almost as if it was created to match the robe, so I knew I had to pair these two together. This warlock-influenced staff is a quest reward from Ring of Blood in Nagrand, so if you kept your staff from that old questline you could try to gather this gear :]

[Venomshroud Mask], Head
[Voidheart Mantle], Shoulders
[Nemesis Robes], Chest
[Gloves of the Deadwatcher], Hands
[Malefic Girdle], Waist
[Vinerot Sandals], Feet
[Staff of Beasts], Staff

I completed the outfit with the t4 warlock shoulders (these have an animation effect with purple lightning bolts around them, and their token drops from Gruul's Lair), as well as some other gear that drops around Azeroth. The easiest way of getting the shawl would be the Auction House, while the gloves drop from Shirrak in Auchenai Crypts, the belt drops from Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan (two other belts that look the same also drop in Karazhan: one from Hyakiss the Lurker and one as a trash drop), and the boots drop from Razorlash in Maraudon.

Good luck!