Priest transmog - Sun-touched

Yay, my priest has a new look. Most of my transmogs are bright and colourful but I think this takes the price - and I am very happy with that. It feels like spring.

[Halo of Transcendence], Head
[Pauldrons of Transcendence], Shoulders
[Elegant Robes], Chest (yellow, left and upper)
[Robes of the Exalted], Chest (turquoise, right)
[Runed Spell-Cuffs], Wrists
[Royal Gloves], Hands
[Belt of Arcane Storms], Waist
[Communal Staff], Staff
[Illusion: Battlemaster], Enchant

I don't have a screenshot of it, but with this I chose the Albino drake mount.


Hunter transmog - Primal pastels

I bought the Legion expansion and decided to give my hunter a shortcut to level 100. Lutra is actually my old main that I used to play as before I got my priest. She deserved a new look.

You need to be a leatherworker in order to get this transmog. You have to craft the shoulders yourself (ugh) from TBC mats because they are BoP. Have fun!

[Varashi Helm], Head (left, upper)
[Streamslither Helm], Head (bottom)
[Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes], Shoulders (leatherworking)
[Sargerei Councilor's Drape], Cloak (bottom)
[Undergrowth Stalker Chestpiece], Chest
[Finder's Keepers], Hands (neutral quest)
[Giantstalker's Belt], Waist
[Leggings of Twisted Vines], Legs
[Treads of Youth], Feet (neutral quest)
[Ironfeather Longbow], Bow (dungeon quest)
[Primal Direhorn], Hunter pet ([Ancient Tome of Dinomancy] required)