Mage transmog - Enlightened arcanist

[Incanter's Cowl], Head
[Arcanist Mantle], Shoulders
[Firehawk Robes] (heroic), Chest
[Gloves of Penitence], Hands
[Sash of Jordan], Waist
[Replica Devout Sandals], Feet
[Enlightenment], Staff

I started with the cowl when I created this mage transmog and worked with the colours in it. I came across this lovely staff while looking for gear with matching colours and decided to go with this even though it is a bit over-used. If you think purple is the right colour for your mage then this set might be worth aiming for.

I decided to use a gnome as a model, because I think both the cowl and the shoulderpads look better on a gnome model than on the taller races. I'm not quite sure why but I like that parts of the shoulders are hidden inside the headpiece, making them look smaller. It makes the outfit look different than it otherwise would.


Death Knight transmog - Corruption

If you play a death knight (unholy probably looks the best in this) and if you kept this helmet from Dragon Soul Raid finder, maybe this gear would suit your character? All you have to do now is get your hands on [Armageddon], and, of course, the shoulders that drop from Lei Shi in the new Terrace of Endless Spring raid ;)

[Necrotic Boneplate Helmet] (raid finder), Head
[Shoulderguards of the Lost Catacomb], Shoulders
[Scourgelord Battleplate], Chest
[Refitted Bruiser Gauntlets], Hands
[Bogslayer Belt], Waist
[Cataclysmic Gladiator's Dreadplate Legguards], Legs
[Scourge Fanged Stompers] (heroic), Feet
[No'Kaled, the Elements of Death] (heroic), One-handed axe
[Hand of Morchok], One-handed axe
[Armageddon], Two-handed sword (lower picture)


Monk transmog - Mountainscale

[Fuzzy Headcover], Head
[Wastewalker Shoulderpads], Shoulders
[Mountainscaler Hide Robes], Chest
[Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector], Wrists
[Marshseeker Gloves], Hands
[Belt of Swift Failure], Waist
[Mountainscaler Hide Legguards], Legs
[Anomuran Footpads], Feet (a/h)
[Angerfang Spear], Polearm

When I started making this I was really excited to make a monk transmog, but once I started looking at gear I realized how hard it is to put together an outfit for a monk. The only tier gear they have is (obviously) tier 14 which my MogIt doesn't have yet (I might have to check if there's an update ready...), so I tried to create an outfit out of old leather pieces.

This gear is wearable by any leather class but I decided to label it as a monk transmog since that's what I intended it to be. I used the head as a foundation for this one and tried to work with colours that would go well with it. I don't really know why, but I really like the model of this head gear and I think it fits a mysterious monk pretty well.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you anything fancier than a set full of greens for my first monk transmog, but I still like this and I hope that maybe it will grow on you as well. If it doesnt, maybe you will like my next monk transmog better ^^


Priest transmog - Priestess of the moon

As I'm sure you're all aware, Mists of Pandaria launched about a week ago, and just like everyone else I've been busy playing. I really love the expansion so far and I had a lot of fun leveling my priest!

To celebrate her 90th level I decided to give her a new transmog, which I'm showing you here. I am aware that I have more priest transmogs in my blog than any other class, which of course is because I play a priest myself and I get to play around more with her gear than with any other class gear, and I hope you don't mind...

I really enjoy wearing this set and I hope you like it too. The robe is crafted from a tailoring pattern bought in Dire Maul, while the head is an honor points item in Wintergrasp, and the belt is bought for honor points from the Alterac Valley-vendor.

The rest of the items are trickier to get: shoulders are the priest t8 shoulders that drop from Thorim in 10 man Ulduar, gloves are a quest reward in Blasted Lands (alliance/horde), lantern is a quest reward in Western Plaguelands (both factions) and the dagger drops from first boss in Magister's Terrace on heroic difficulty. Fyi, the dagger hides enchants. :D

[Titan-Forged Hood of Salvation], Head
[Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification], Shoulders
[Mooncloth Robe], Chest
[Gloves of Compassion], Hands (alliance)
[Gloves of Purchased Time], Hands (horde)
[Highlander's Cloth Girdle], Waist, or:
[Mindfire Waistband], Waist
[Jaded Crystal Dagger], Main hand dagger
[Light-Imbued Lantern], Off hand
[Swift Moonsaber], Mount