Mage transmog - Enlightened arcanist

[Incanter's Cowl], Head
[Arcanist Mantle], Shoulders
[Firehawk Robes] (heroic), Chest
[Gloves of Penitence], Hands
[Sash of Jordan], Waist
[Replica Devout Sandals], Feet
[Enlightenment], Staff

I started with the cowl when I created this mage transmog and worked with the colours in it. I came across this lovely staff while looking for gear with matching colours and decided to go with this even though it is a bit over-used. If you think purple is the right colour for your mage then this set might be worth aiming for.

I decided to use a gnome as a model, because I think both the cowl and the shoulderpads look better on a gnome model than on the taller races. I'm not quite sure why but I like that parts of the shoulders are hidden inside the headpiece, making them look smaller. It makes the outfit look different than it otherwise would.

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  1. Amazing blog, transmog is so... purple :) Thanks for this cloth-list!