Mage transmog - Burning magic 2.0

Sunlitfury and I became friends after a few weeks of guild raiding. I can only imagine what it would be like having me as a friend; one of the first things I said to him was that we HAVE to get him a proper transmog. When I first met him he was wearing gear from different tiers and mixed raid finder, normal and heroic gear, so I offered to help him out. He plays as a fire mage and wanted a flame-inspired gear so I suggested the mage transmog I previously uploaded called Burning magic. I gave him a few alternatives, including this one that I'm now uploading, which resembles my original Burning magic transmog but with different belt, robe, gloves and shoes. He bought the [Spire of Scarlet Pain] from me but unfortunately it doesn't hide weapon enchants, so half the time it has a purple glow. It's still a cool transmog for a fire mage though, and Sunlit looks amazing in it!

[Circle of Flame], Head
[Mantle of the Elven Kings], Shoulders
[Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation], Chest
[Gossamer Gloves], Hands
[Mage-Fury Girdle], Waist
[Extravagant Boots of Malice], Feet
[Spire of Scarlet Pain], Staff
[Power Torrent], Weapon enchant

This transmog is available for any cloth class.

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  1. <3 Thanks a bunch for helping me with my transmog set Ea ^^ you have a real tallent for things like this