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I have seen alot of people transmogging their characters into entire sets, for example a tier set. That is always nice of course if you want to reminisce about the good old TBC or Vanilla times. I, however, prefer mixing tier gear with PvP gear or even greens and blues to achieve a more unique look. But it's hard to find matching sets without the right tools, so I thought I would make a compilation of websites that would be helpful in the search of the perfect transmog.

Addons are perfect for browsing gear in game, but if you want to check out some gear without launching the game client, there are alot of useful websites as well.

  • MogIt - An AMAZING addon that I just recently downloaded. You can preview an extensive range of items and put together sets with this addon, and alot of the screenshots I upload to my blog are previewed with this addon.
  • AtlasLoot - The addon I've primarily been using while creating my transmog sets. It is a very useful addon, but a bit flawed when it comes to creating outfits since it doesn't include alot of greens or blues.
  • World of Wardrobes - A great website where you can browse gear in different categories, based on armor type or colour.
  • WoW Roleplay Gear - Lists alot of sets available for the different armor types.
  • MogMyGear - A very clearly structured website where you can preview different green, blue, epic and heirloom sets depending on which class or race you pick.
  • Icy Veins - Allows you to browse items, categorized either by armor type or item model.
  • Disenchanting Azeroth - A blog full of reviews on weapons and weapon designs.
  • WoW Tabards - Not everyone uses tabards, but they can do wonders for some transmogs. This site shows all the tabards available in game and where you get them.

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