Shaman transmog - Spiritbound

Shaman transmog - take two.

After my friend Mebriel respectfully had turned down the last transmog I presented to him, this is what I came up with. I think this look suited his taste better, since he wanted something more "shaman-ish" as well as something that didn't look as organized. There were plently of items with a shaman-feel to them, especially alot of items that looks good on trolls, and these shoulders caught my attention. I still don't think Mebriel was quite pleased and he will probably keep his outfit the way it is, but I decided I'd at least post this transmog here.

[Steadfast Coronet], Head
[Spiritbinder Spaulders], Shoulders
[Darkmoon Chain Shirt], Chest
[Sporebeard Gauntlets], Gloves
[Nazferiti Belt], Waist
[Kilt of Dark Mercy], Legs
[Fiend Slayer Boots], Feet
[Insanity's Grip], Fist Weapon, Main Hand

This outfit is available for all mail classes.


  1. Anonymous21/3/12 20:21

    Makes me want to convert to troll...


    1. Makes me want to reroll a shammy *з*