Priest transmog - Holy waters

I will start by showing off the transmog I used to have on my priest Linnéa (as seen in the pictures). It is a strict cloth set, with a mix of priest t7 och t11 and consist of the following: 

[Valorous Crown of Faith], Head
[Valorous Shoulderpads of Faith], Shoulders
[Mercurial Robes], Chest
[Mercurial Handwraps], Gloves
[Sash of the Parlor], Waist
[Mallet of the Tides], One-hand Mace
[Mystic Tome], Off-hand
[Heartsong], Weapon enchant

Plus a blue haircut!

Blue is my favourite colour, so naturally I loved this one! I hated the belt that went with the t11 set ([Cord of the Raven Queen]), and I never got my hands on the bulky t11 shoulders ([Mercurial Shoulderwraps]), but the t7 belt and shoulders matches almost perfectly, as well as the nice halo.

The t7 pieces (head, chest, shoulders) drop in Naxxramas, 25 man and the t11 pieces (the Mercurial gear) can be bought for Justice points in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. The mace drops in Serpentshrine Cavern, and the off-hand can be created by inscriptors (or bought off the AH).

If you have any questions (or critique!) about the look, leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can~ 

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  1. Anonymous12/3/12 23:22

    I love the set! Blue is my favourite colour as well. Fun to see a pro blog like this, keep it up :>