Warrior transmog - Siegebreaker

[Valorous Siegebreaker Helmet], Head
[Stormforged Shoulders], Shoulders
[Battleplate of Resounding Rings], Chest
[Gloves of Transcription], Hands
[Belt of the Ringworm], Waist
[Riptide Legguards] (alliance/horde), Legs
[Plankwalking Greaves], Feet
[Rigid Greatsword], Sword, Two-hand (left)
[Troll Butcherer], Sword, Two-hand (right)

Maybe this isn't the fanciest looking transmog, but I always feel pleased when I manage to achieve something that matches this well using mostly greens and blues. Since alot of the items are greens/blues there are alternatives with the same appearance if you think the drop rate to the ones I linked is too low or if you've already completed that particular quest.

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