Mage transmog - Gilded sorcery

[Ruthless Gladiator's Silk Cowl], Head
[Shoulders of Ruinous Senility] (heroic), Shoulders
[Bloodsoul Raiment] (heroic), Chest
[Handwraps of Flowing Thought], Hands
[Girdle of Endemic Anger], Waist
[Bonecaster's Boots], Feet
[Uhn'agh Fash, the Darkest Betrayal], Dagger
[Fan of Fiery Winds] (raid finder), Off-hand

I'm not really sure what head this is; when I created this transmog in mogit I simply used the only head that I thought would match this outfit well. I don't play PvP and I don't keep track of what item sets that have expired. If this one is unobtainable I apologize! Maybe exchanging it for the [Collar of the Aldor] or the [Conqueror's Kirin Tor Hood] would work?

The shoulders are from the Warlock t10 recolour set, while the robe is from the Priest t10 recolour set. If you're lucky you might get both in the same ICC heroic run. The dagger is actually an agility weapon, but since it's from an old raid, I think stealing it for transmog would be OK...

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