Cloth transmog - Desert nomad

Here's yet another cloth transmog. I'm not quite sure why I think the cloth ones are the most fun to make; it might be because I love robes in game, but irl I never wear dresses. Strange.

Anyhow, this transmog was meant to be for warlocks, but once again I realized when I was finished that I hadn't used any pieces that are exclusives for warlocks. The shoulders in this set are horde only, however, so it's only available for horde players.

[Firewool Cowl], Head
[Mantle of Revered Mortality] (horde), Shoulders
[Robes of Faltered Light], Chest
[Gloves of Pandemonium], Hands
[Cord of Reconstruction], Waist
[Oilfoot Slippers], Feet
[Wrathful Gladiator's War Staff], Staff

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