Paladin transmog - Two sides of the story

Here I have two similiar yet different transmogs! The shoulders and legs are the same, and the chest and hand pieces are the same models on both transmogs, but both have different color schemes. They are supposed to represent alliance and horde, although I like the red-purple one better and I'd more likely use that one on my human paladin. ;)

To me it's a bit shocking how sexualized the female plate armor is, especially that before level 70 (but alot of gear after level 70 is very sexualized and revealing too). Have you guys ever noticed that? No? Lots and lots of boob breastplates and revealing holes in the gear - where a deadly spear easily would find its target. Alot of these pieces have a different, more covering, model for male characters. I guess women in revealing clothes is so common to us that we don't question it - even when men get to wear empowering gear right next to the scantily clad women. Yet I can't stop using the sexier kind of gear. I feel a little ashamed...

[Greathelm of the Warchief], Head
[Immolation Pauldrons] (heroic), Shoulders
[Ruthless Gladiator's Cloak] (season 10), Back
[Soul Saver's Chest Plate] (alliance quest), Chest
[Force Imbued Gauntlets], Hands
[Stalwart Girdle] (alliance quest), Waist
[Lavacrest Leggings], Legs
[Ravenskar Sabatons], Feet
[Face of the Guardian], Shield
[Hoof of Yalnu], One-hand mace (upper)
[Mantid Sky Reaver], One-hand sword (bottom)
[Mourner's Stole], Head
[Immolation Pauldrons] (heroic), Shoulders
[Gronn-Stitched Greatcloak], Back
[Thorium Armor], Chest
[Gordok's Handguards] (neutral quest), Hands
[Judgement Belt], Waist
[Lavacrest Leggings], Legs
[Massacre Treads] (heroic), Feet
[Steelskin, Qiang's Impervious Shield] (heroic), Shield
[Qon's Flaming Scimitar] (heroic thunder), Sword (upper)
[Loshan, Terror Incarnate] (heroic), Sword (bottom)

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