Hunter transmog - Something fishy

[Ravenchain Helm] (neutral quest), Head
[Feludius' Mantle] (heroic), Shoulders
[Cloak of Violent Harmony] (drop), Cloak
[Carapace of Segmented Scale] (vendor), Chest
[Laughing Skull Orcs Tabard] (horde), Tabard
[Gloves of Ghostly Dreams] (vendor), Hands
[Lifecycle Waistguard] (heroic), Waist
[Outrider Chainmail] (neutral quest), Legs
[Boots of Az'galada] (heroic), Feet
[Black Iron Sniper Rifle] (normal), Gun (left)
[Njorndar Bone Bow] (normal), Bow (right)
I think we've all noticed by now that Blizzard loves to give dead animal heads to hunters. I felt inspired when I saw this head that I think looks like a gawking fish (because who doesn't want a fish head on your head?). This is a mix of epic dungeon and raid items, quest rewards and vendor items. I always feel pleased when I find use for uncommon and rare items, and not just epics!

The head is actually the only exclusive hunter item on this transmog so most of it can be worn by shamans as well... (although that would look kind of weird).

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