Hunter transmog - Smoulder

[Crown of the Doomed Empress] (raid finder), Head
[Yaungol Slayer's Spaulders] (raid finder), Shoulders
[Royal Decorated Armor], Chest
[Clawshaper Gauntlets] (heroic), Hands
[Girdle of Ferocity] (heroic), Waist
[Yaungol Slayer's Legguards], Legs
[Hero's Boots], Feet
[Themios the Darkbringer], Bow (left)
[Accursed Bow of the Elite], Bow (middle)
[Arathar, the Eye of Flame] (heroic), Bow (right)

Hi! It's been a while. I felt like creating a hunter transmog - the legs and shoulders are hunter only - from some of the new gear in MoP. I haven't played actively for about a year and it was fun to mess around with the new tiers that I haven't seen before. Take care!


  1. Huh.
    Nice) But why is it shown on a goblin model? D:
    It`ll be looking better on troll or ork maybe.

    Anyway, the set is cool)

    1. I'm trying to vary my use of female and male models as well as different race models. And it's been a while since I used goblin :)