Trial Priest transmog - Flying tiger, hidden exp. gain

Sometimes I get a strong urge to play WoW, but I know that once I buy game time I grow tired of playing after a week or two. So when the WoW fever hit me this time I decided to just play the trial version of the game, which allows you to play for an unlimited time for free up to level 20 with some restrictions.

I created a priest (since obviously, I love priests) called Mysfox (which is a kind of couples' dance), and I managed to get almost all of the best possible trial gear for her except the arena trinket and heirlooms. But since I am crazy about transmogs, of course I had to look as stylish as possible even as a level 20.

The range of transmog items at level 20 is scarce, so I had to work with what was available. No item my priest is wearing is priest-only, except for the staff. I originally wanted to use the [Staff of the Friar] for this transmog, but it hasn't dropped for me yet, so I decided to go with this priest-only staff instead. Furthermore, the goggles are only wearable as an engineer, and you have to craft them yourself. The mount is only available to those who already have it on a real account, connected to the same battle.net ID as their trial account.

If you want to see what items I am wearing underneath the transmog, check out my armory.

[Flying Tiger Goggles], Head (Engineering)
[Feline Mantle], Shoulders
[Fur Covered Robe], Chest
[Seer's Gloves], Hands
[Wisp-Chaser Cord], Waist
[Staff of the Hallowed], Staff (Priest quest)
[2H Weapon - Minor Impact], Enchant (blue, uppper)
[2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect], Enchant (yellow, lower)
[Raven Lord], Mount

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