Priest Transmog - Umbral

Sooo Blizzard gave me 7 days of free play time. I thought I'd make use of it by posting the transmog I've had on my priest Linnéa for some time now, since some pieces are from Pandaria raid finder. This is the same one as I'm wearing in my halloween post below. :) It actually looks better after the latest patch now when draenei have green eyes.

[Cowl of the Ternion Glory] (raid finder), Head
[Mantle of the Ternion Glory] (raid finder), Shoulders
[Robes of the Umbral Brute], Chest
[Earthripper Gloves], Hands (or: [Cold Sweat Grips])
[Belt of Arcane Storms], Waist
[Staff of Restraint], Staff
[Jade Spirit], Weapon enchant
[Silver Covenant Hippogryph], Mount

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