Priest transmog - Benevolent priest

I apologize for my lack of updates the last month! As you might have figured out, my playtime ran out and I never bothered to refill it. I still have to put together a hunter and a dk outfit and I promise that I will do it once I start playing WoW again, but in the meantime I'll show you yet another cloth outfit (which actually is the one my inactive priest is wearing - you can check it out on her armory). This outfit is available for any cloth class but looks best on a priest in my opinion, since it contains recoloured pieces from the priest t6.

[Cowl of Benevolence], Head
[Windchanneller's Mantle], Shoulders
[Garments of Temperance], Chest
[Sage's Gloves], Hands
[Aerie Belt], Waist
[Titansteel Guardian], Mace, Main hand
[Tears of Heaven], Off-hand

I actually love this outfit, mainly because of the colours; beige, brown and blue is a really nice mix. The mace hides the weapon's enchant neatly with its own glow affect, and the off-hand I used for this is just lovely!

The head and the robe are parts from the priest t6 look-alike set and they both drop in Black Temple. Just in case the robe refuses to drop for you I'd like to recommend the raid finder-version of [Robes of Dying Light] instead; it actually fits this outfit really well too!

I refused to use the shoulders that go with the priest t6 look-alike set (I mean, really? Undead faces on your shoulders? What were they thinking?) and it took me forever to find a matching pair of shoulders that would be a nice substitution. The shoulders that I ended up with, [Windchanneller's Mantle], were actually tricky to come by and required exalted reputation with The Consortium, if I remember correctly, as well as a massive quest chain in Netherstorm (starting here in case you haven't done it already (which I hadn't)).

Fortunately, the gloves, belt, mace and off-hand were really easy to get. Good luck!


  1. Anonymous28/5/12 19:06

    Oh yes.. this is IT!


  2. This is the transmog I use on my priest and I currently have a wand equipped as a main weapon. I've never really looked at wands and just wanted to ask my readers if any of you know a nice wand that would suit this transmog?